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1 IT’S ABOUT YOU! Our goal from the start has been to make learning a very personal experience. Vocationally coaching, workshops, and information is about you and for you. Whether you call our office or participate in our training or coaching sessions, you are our focus. Call on us, and we’ll create a personalized path for you and your organization to reach your objectives.

2SCIENTIFIC AND HIGH-QUALITY! We aim at providing the highest quality education possible.

  • Our coaching is constructed as much as possible on scientific facts.
  • Our teaching material is based on newest research
  • Our contributors are either certified coaches, or heavyweight, innovative thought-leaders (university education + year-long experience in business, HR communication, self-PR, psychology, fitness).

  • 3 QUICK AND EASY! Mastering your (professional) journey does not have to be complicated, so we designed our services to reach your goals in the most efficient, short-cut, comfortable way. Vocationally proprietary methodologies and other material are “easy to retain”-structured, yet “out of the comfort zone”-challenging for maximum impact. We adapt our workshops for different levels and types of skill development to fit your personal needs.

    Founders and network

    • Vocationally is a venture started by three top business and engineering school graduants.
    • Additional certifications in corporate communication, social psychology, and nutrition.
    • The founders have 10+ years of work experience with Fortune 500 companies, in senior executive management roles within a broad range of industries and fields (marketing, finance, strategy consulting, HR, accounting, entrepreneurship).

    Direct work experience with the following companies:

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    The whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person you were intended to be.
    -Oprah Winfrey

    • 4 years of communications training by the world’s most reknown communication and leadership association, Toastmasters Inc.
    • Professional coaching certifications and/or 5+ years of mentorship experience
    • A large network of friends and experts in the areas of coaching, HR, public relations, communication, psychology, nutrition, sports coaching
    • International careers in 8 different countries
    • Extensive knowledge of job application processes from both candidate and recruiter side

    Our beliefs

    We believe that finding and living your vocation and evolving into the person you were truly born to be, is a key ingredient for a happy and healthy life.
    We believe there is huge potential in the public and private education sector for teaching people to develop a clear vision of one’s vocation, as well as the knowledge and tools to realize that vocation amidst obstacles:
    °EQ and communication skills to make your vocation visible and build interdependent relationships – this will ultimately allow you to share your vocation and transform it into a life purpose
    °Replacing self-defeating thought patterns by a more constructive and daring mind-set
    °Nourrishing an energetic body
    °Developing good habits for handling everyday necessities efficiently.
    After more than a decade of learning, developping methodologies, sharing advice with close ones, and mentoring students and professionals, we want to offer our knowledge and empower more people to build the life they were born to live.

    • I did leadership training before. This time I came with very precise questions regarding my own behaviour, and specific situations in meetings. I got deep insights into my own and other’s motivations. Invaluable scenario-based behaviour training: I now feel truly reassured that I respond in professional, poised, and productive ways.Sarah M.
    • I LOVED this class! The instructor kept everyone’s undivided attention all day for three days and offered up some very valuable information. I highly recommend this class to project managers, or anyone who has a desire to learn better ways to communicate with your boss, subordinates or teammates.Céline V.
    • I have been through a number of leadership/communications courses and this one is by far the most applicable course I have ever had. Great learning methodology and critical feedback. It made me aware of how I carry myself and how I come across to others. In just one day I saw significant improvement in my speaking skills. Eric P.
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