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“he deepest vocational question is not “What ought I to do with my life?” It is the more elemental and demanding ‘Who am I? What is my nature?’” -Parker J. Palmer

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” is a query put to us by parents, teachers, and friends. In our teen years we are content to keep our plans vague. In college the pressure builds-we want to choose a major related to our future career.
Then we graduate. Society says we have now entered the world of work and should be diving into our chosen profession. But even then, many of us aren’t sure what profession that’s supposed to be.
Not something mundane, something like what our dads did-long hours stuck in a cubicle. After all, a third of our lives will be spent working; We want a job that doesn’t actually feel like a job. Something that uses our talents and brings us great satisfaction.
What we really want isn’t a job at all; we want a vocation, a calling.

Over the last years, we have coached more than 50 clients in living a life that is both vocationally and financially rewarding. Our career consulting is two-fold:
1/ Bring you closer to your vocation
2/ Help you secure the job that aligns with this vocation

The seeds of your true self are born within you, with a unique purpose and special talents you can give to the world and to others.
Often, as we grow up, this true self gets buried by the influence and expectations of family, friends, teachers, and the media. We get sorted and labeled and placed into slots. Instead of listening to the call within us, we make decisions based on a need for approval, prestige, and security.
Embracing your calling means shutting off the voices of what others say you ought to do and living true to your real self.

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Our holistic framework is a guideline. Nothing tops real-life experience tackled with courage, creativity, and humour !

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    1. Identify your strengths

    o What are your unique gifts
    o What are your biggest sources of everyday happiness
    o Which jobs are aligned with these strength, gifts and needs?
    o Long-term: What is your life’s vocation and purpose?

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    2. Find your motivations

    o What drives you in life?
    o What are your values?
    o Motivations can be healthy and unhealthy – break free and be bold: live what really matters to you, without others opinions. Stay in your very own lane, and run towards your vocation!

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    3. Create a strong vision of who you want to be and become.

    Based on point 1. and 2.

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    4. Find what keeps you away from living your dreams and vocation

    o Deal with weakness, labels, belief systems that slow you down
    °Replacing self-defeating thought patterns by a more constructive and daring mind-set
    °Nourrishing an energetic body
    °Developing good habits for handling everyday necessities efficiently

    Our section on health literacy offers everyday life hacks to make your mind and body your best ally in living a purposeful, happy life!
    Learn more - click here!

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    5. Design a roadmap to keep track on progress

    Make it easy for your mind to keep track on progress

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    6. Share your gifts with others - transform your vocation into a life purpose

    °We believe your passion is to be shared with others and your gifts to be given to the world
    °EQ and communication skills to make your vocation visible and build interdependent relationships – this will ultimately allow you to share your vocation and transform it into a life purpose.
    Learn more in our leadership and communication section on how to best co-create our reality! Learn more - click here!

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    7. Stay informed, make better choices, seize more opportunities

    °Check out the latest research and articles in our HR trend watch!
    °Get coached on CV and cover letter writing, interview preparation
    °Get in touch with us and our network of coaches and professionals! Learn more - click here!

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    8. Become the very best version of yourself

    Build your vocation to its highest level!

Here is how we work

We keep stuff essential but impactful – saves time and energy!

Our services are designed to make you reach your goals in the most efficient, short-cut, powerful ways. Vocationally proprietary methodologies and other material are “easy to retain”-structured, yet “out of the comfort zone”-challenging for maximum effect.
We provide scientifically proven quick hacks to rewire your brain. Our assessment material and questionnaires follow our integrated approach presented above. They are based on most recent research and are stripped down to the most impactful questions.

A unique, tailor-made approach

It’s about you! We tailor our coaching sessions to match your needs, answer your specific questions, and truly get to know you. We are results oriented, and a coaching session stops when you are satisfied with the progress made. Let us guide you by asking facilitating questions and providing basic tools – then think up solutions yourself, allowing you to develop your own vision, create new behaviour patterns, and build your vocation.

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