Our coaching process

A harmonized approach, tailored to your needs

Coaching provides the guidance people need to achieve results.
Whether you seek confidential help getting started, specific guidance for one person, follow-on coaching for a group, or executive coaching as part of a larger learning and development initiative, Vocationally’s coaching process provides comprehensive guidance for people working on their emotional intelligence and leadership skills.

Vocationally’s Coaching Process

Step 1 – Measure Your Skills
with Vocationally up-to-date assessments and tests.
Step 2 – Raise Your Self-Awareness
during a confidential session with a Vocationally coach. Our coaches are either certified or have other heavyweight expertise in the fields of business, communication, self-PR, psychology, and health
Step 3 – Create an Action Plan Together
with specific strategies to close the gaps in your skills.
Step 4 – Practice and Develop
by refining your efforts with accountability and support from your coach.
Step 5 – Prepare to Transition
by learning how to handle setbacks, when to retest your skills, and how to hold your gains.

About Vocationally Coaches

Vocationally coaches leverage degrees, scholarly research, and senior executive work experience in the fields of career consulting, leadership, communication, emotional intelligence, health literacy, corporate wellness, HR transformation, and talent management to help clients build their vocation to the highest level. Coaches work based on scientifically proven, up-to-date methods, that are also simple and easy to use. Our conglomerate of experts and our holistic vision of a vocationnaly lived life assure a 360° one-key training experience for our clients.

Get coached
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