Health literacy and corporate wellness


“nowledge alone is not power – it’s potential power. Execution always creates greater results than theory. And execution starts with your psychology”-Tony Robbins

Both mental and physical health literacy are crucial cornerstones of work performance and self-actualization.
Starting with the mental aspect, our training helps you unclutter your brain, and move a counterproductive mindset (distracted, pessimistic, judgemental, jealous, self-defeating, unaware…) to a more empowered, functional state of being (awake, focussed, optimistic, honest, confident, serene). Eventually, with this state of being becoming effortless, your mind is free to take attention outward, away from yourself, where maximum action is possible. Make sure to read our latest articles on nutrition and sports, driving energy and productivity. Finally, learn more on developping good habits that get you everyday things done breezingly.

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From company side, improved employee health literacy directly results in reduced stress. Did you know?

  • Stress at work costs American companys 190 B$ per year (HBS Review estimate, 2014)
  • Workplace wellness = 30% productivity increase (Harvard Business Review estimate, 2014)
  • 69% of CEOs providing corporate wellness programs confirm increased overall productivity for their organization (Sofres et Sodexho, 2014)

This is how we work

We keep stuff essential – saves time and energy!

Our services are designed to make you reach your goals in the most efficient, short-cut, powerful ways. Vocationally proprietary methodologies and other material are “easy to retain”-structured, yet “out of the comfort zone”-challenging for maximum effect.
We provide scientifically proven quick hacks to rewire your brain. Our assessment material and questionnaires are stripped down to the most impactful questions.

We provide guidance and tools for lasting change

Just as in leadership training, we believe lasting change can only be created by challenging people to face uncomfort in real-life scenarios, observing their sensations and thoughts, then gently guiding them to more productive behaviour by providing the right tools.

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